Sun, Sea, Sand…
and SANTA!

As the summer holidays stretch out before us with the last of the lockdown restrictions finally lifted, it makes all of us here at Gray Dawes Events think of sun, sand, sea and…. SANTA!

As much as you might not want to admit it, now’s time to get your plans in place for your company Christmas Party.

It may be hard to get yourself in the Christmas spirit during the recent heatwave, but it’s time to start planning. We can’t wait to wear our warm winter jumpers, sip hot chocolate topped with big fluffy marshmallows and visit the wonderful Christmas markets. Get booking your Christmas party today and secure your perfect venue before someone else does!

Christmas party venues are already starting to get booked up fast, so why not get organised and have your pick of all the best venues, or even better – leave it all to us so you can sit back and relax! Whether you’re looking for a corporate dinner venue, country estate, winter themed activity or you’d like to plan something a little more memorable like a Christmas themed escape room for your employees or clients, get in touch with the Gray Dawes team today and let us take the stress away.


Thursdays and Fridays remain the most popular nights for parties, accounting for 69% of the total market for 2019.



So if you are considering a party during these week nights then now is the time to secure your perfect venue.

office Christmas Party

We’re not just Santa’s little helpers… we’re YOURS, too!

So, if you’re still well and truly in the mood for basking in the summer sun, and you’d rather not be thinking about where to stick your tinsel just yet, don’t worry – Gray Dawes Events has got you covered! Below are a few ideas that might just pique your interest (and if not, get in touch, we’ve got plenty more in Santa’s sack).

Remember, Gray Dawes Events can arrange the entire experience from start to finish, from getting you from the office to the party to making sure you have a fantastic time while you’re there (and ensuring you get the very best rates) so be sure to get in touch if you see something that you like the look of, and one of our elves will be happy to help you!


CHRISTMAS comes just once a year… so you’d better get the party right!

The all important office Christmas Party is a once a year affair that needs some serious planning. Get it right, and the day/evening/night (delete as appropriate) will go down in company history as a triumph, something unforgettable that will be discussed and compared to for years to come. Get it wrong, and no amount of mistletoe and wine will be able to save it.

At Gray Dawes Events, we have the connections, experience and expertise to make sure that when it comes to Christmas Parties, not only do we get it right, but we exceed all expectations, ensuring everything goes off on time, to budget and without a hitch. Put simply, you’ll reap the benefits of our wealth of experience.



Elevate your Christmas Party the easy way… with Gray Dawes Events

Expectations are getting ever-higher, with people looking for the best venues and most unique experiences. Getting started early has never been so important if you want the pick of the best for your Christmas Party!

And there’s a lot to arrange. Luckily for you, Gray Dawes Events can take care of everything end-to-end – from finding the best venue and entertainment, delegate management from start to finish, on the day event management and beyond, we’ve got you covered. So you can rest easy and enjoy the festivities with everyone else!


Gray Dawes Events fireworks

Here to Help

Check out some of these quick Christmas tips to help make your party one to remember:

  • Why not bring your party to life with a theme – masquerade, snow flake balls, the lion the witch and the wardrobe winter wonder land, après ski, Viva Las Vagas, speakeasy or even a boat party down the Thames?
  • Consider a shared, joiner, exclusive parties or a gala dinner, or maybe even a lunchtime event.
  • Include an afternoon activity prior to the big bash as an interactive team building party – like a tour and net session at Lords or ice carving workshops – get your employees involved and bring out their competitive nature before enjoying a dinner in one of top London’s restaurants.
  • We’ll help you source party accommodation so you can really make a night of it; we’ll handle all room bookings, attrition, cancellation and rate negociatuions.
  • Let’s talk about FOOD – a big part of the party! How about a ‘farm to fork’ party using British farmers, sharing boards like Jamie Oliver or American snakes like sliders, pulled pork, mac and cheese etc. Yum!!
  • Don’t forget the entertainment. Parties should be so much more than just a great disco, and think about the staging, too… the more spectacular the better! In fact, we’ve held parties inside giant snow globes before now!

Act Now!

Time is of the essence and now is the time to source your venue.

Whether you like the sound of one that we’ve featured here, or want a few more festive ideas, please get in touch.

These are just a few of the “off-the-shelf” examples that Gray Dawes Events can work into your festive celebrations, adding our trademark personal service and ensuring that your party goes off without a hitch from start to finish.

In addition, we also offer completely bespoke party packages with everything from venue finding to delegate management, theming to menu choices and transport to entertainment tailored to your specific requirements.

Put simply, give us a ring and we’ll make your Christmas experience one that you’ll never forget.

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