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Hybrid Events

With so much change going on in the world, it’s understandable if you are not sure whether to plan an online event or a face-to-face get together. By hosting a Hybrid Event you can get the best of both worlds.

A Hybrid Event or meeting is pretty much like a normal tradeshow, conference, seminar, workshop or other meeting that combines a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component.


Events are all about bringing as many people together as possible so you they can hear what you have to say and by broadcasting your event live you can reach a wider audience and generate far more engagement with your audience. 


When you think of live streaming you think of a speaker with their slide deck which lets be honest is quite dull but a Hybrid Event is much, much more. By introducing interactive online components with a physical element you can engage with a large audience who can acitively participate in your event. 


Hybrid Events are made up of three main ingredients for success.

1. Dynamic Imagery – make sure you get at least three or four camera shooting different angles for a immersive experience.

2. Interactive Components – your audience are sitting with their hands next to a keyboard utlitise this and get them involved from start to finish.

3. Entertaining Experience – a good broadcast can be as entertaining as a modern chat show or even a live sport event, make sure the audience go away having experienced something special. 

Recipe For Success


Start your Hybrid Event by introducing important keynote speakers and experts as well as showcasing parts of events that your audience can actively participate in. This may be a good time to do an interactive poll upfront to get set the tone. 


Your event should now be in full flow and we suggest that your presenter has a moderator asssiting throughout. The moderator will help with the live recording and gathering questions from remote viewers to ensure that the session stays interactive.


Here we find that an exclusive Question & Answer session with your keynote speaker can a be a big draw for audiences. Be sure to highlight here where your audience can find and share the recording as this will help further your reach.

Why a Hybrid Event?

  • With a hybrid event you remove the time and place factor of a live event making it more accessible for more people. This extra reach and new participants opens up a wealth or opportunity following your event.
  • Sponsors find online broadcasters for attractive as there are more advertising opportunities and greater social sharing possibilites. The live recording means that your event is one a time deal and can generate more of a buzz.


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