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Online Booking Status

What does it mean when my booking is pending?

A new request to book has been created and the request has been sent to the venue and we are waiting on them to either accept or reject.

How will I know when my booking is accepted?

When the status is listed as “Booking” a venue has accepted a request to book or a live availability booking has been created.

How will I know if my booking is cancelled?

When the status is listed as “Cancelled” this event has been cancelled by the booker or the venue.

Search Results Page

How do I filter what a search?

After you press search you will be brought to the search results for that area, you will be able to add specific filters such as parking and natural daylight. Users can also sort price by adjusting the slider.

What does a lightning bolt beside the price mean?

You will notice that some venues have a lightning bolt beside their prices, these venues have “Live Availability“ set up which means these can be booked straight away.

What does it mean if a venue doesn't have a lightning bolt?

The venues that don’t have the lightning bolt are on what’s called “Request to Book”  this means that before the venue can confirm the booking they will have to check their availability.

What happens if I choose an 'on request' property and it isn't available?

You will receive a response within 3 hours notifying you that the venue is unable to confirm and you will be provided with 2 alternative venues.

Are all bookings shown in GBP?

No, they are shown In local currency.

Can you set an approval rating?

Yes, it is possible to set an approver based upon price, the approver would receive an email notifying of the request to book and meeting room and be able to confirm or decline.

Booking Form and Changes

What does it mean when my booking is pending?

No, you will not be charged.

Can I make changes to F&B and equipment within my booking?

Yes, this can be done via the dashboard.

If I change the date of my meeting, can I do this?

You would need to cancel the booking and start again.

What is the difference between Confirm and Request To Book?

Upon filling out the booking form pressing “Confirm” will confirm the event as the venue that was picked was on “Live availability” however if the venue is on “Request To Book” the button will also be called “Request To Book”.

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