5 Tips for Choosing the Right Venue

When Booking Your Next Events


Finding the right venue for your event can be tricky

The first item on any event planner’s to-do list will undoubtedly be finding a venue, but how can you choose just one when there are so many options?

In the excitement of searching for your perfect venue it is easy to forget about the practicalities involved. Therefore, it is crucial to side with logic when locking in those important final details. The implications of your choice can have a big impact on how the event comes to life.

Selecting the perfect venue to inspire, collaborate, network and instil knowledge will mean that your objectives are not only hit, but exceeded.

Below we share our top 5 tips to help you ensure the venue is exactly what you want, whilst also saving you time and money.


1. Lock Down Your Objectives

Set Yourself Up For a Win

Defining the specific objectives of the event can help you in your search for a venue. Whether your event is internal or external, promotional or educational, there will be strategic objectives and KPIs associated in most cases.

Exploring these objectives will help you identify the best type of event, the target audience for the event to be deemed a success, the layout of the room and ultimately what you want to achieve. Taking all of these things into account will help you select the best venue to achieve these objectives.

2. Location, Location, Location

Where Are You Going to Lay Your Hat?

Always book a venue in a convenient location for your delegates, this will ensure you maximise attendance and minimise the number of no-shows.

Access to the venue should be easy, close to transport links and motorways and it is always worth considering how easy it is to get to the airport for those travelling from further afield.  

Where car parking is available at the venue, a top tip would always be to negotiate free parking as part of the contract. This will make it even easier for your delegates to attend and save you money.

3. Evaluate the Venue Capacity

Give People Space to Breathe

Evaluate the available space in the venue and ensure it can comfortably accommodate the anticipated number of attendees.

Flexibility is also key here. While you don’t want the space to be too big it is always helpful to have a bit of extra space for those last-minute attendees or event requirements. Equally, it is just as important to identify what minimum numbers are to make sure that you have a clear idea of what your baseline spend will be.

4. Make a List of Ideal Facilities

Even if That’s a Sauna Room…

Venues provide different levels of service and facilities. When booking your event, it is crucial to make sure that the venue will be able to cater to your specific needs. Make a list of your requirements and compare it with the list provided by the venue.

We’ve outlined several elements below that we think are important to check:


  • Parking Does the venue have parking onsite and is it chargeable to delegates?
  • Equipment What equipment is in the room, do you need additional AV elements?
  • Extra spaces Do you need a cloakroom or breakout space?
  • Security Is there security provided by the venue and what are the costs associated?
  • Restrictions Are there any restrictions you should know about; access can often be limited for load-in if the venue is in a build-up area.
  • Extra Fees Are there additional charges to consider, such as corkage, overtime or cancellation fees?

5. Visit the Venue

Try Before You Buy

Always carry out a site visit at the venue before signing the contract.  Pictures tell 1,000 words, but there is nothing like being in the space to be 100% sure that the venue is what you are imagining, but more importantly, what you need.  

Also pay attention to the lighting, acoustics, and any potential limitations or constraints the venue might have. This firsthand experience allows you to envision how your event will flow within the space and whether it aligns with your expectations and requirements. Additionally, interacting with the venue staff during your visit can give you valuable insights into their professionalism, responsiveness, and willingness to accommodate your needs



A Bonus Tip!

Find Your Rock

After ticking off all the boxes on this checklist, make sure you know who your go-to person at the venue will be on the day of your event. After all, there’s no “I” in “Team”!  

This individual will serve as your main liaison, addressing any last-minute issues or unexpected challenges that may arise. By establishing a clear line of communication and rapport with this person beforehand, you can trust that your concerns will be promptly addressed, allowing you to focus on the success of your event without unnecessary distractions. Whether it’s coordinating logistics, troubleshooting technical difficulties, or simply providing reassurance, having a reliable go-to person can make all the difference in executing a memorable and stress-free event.

To Wrap Up…

Selecting the perfect event venue is crucial to the success of any occasion. By following our top five tips – understanding your event’s needs, considering location and accessibility, assessing capacity and layout, examining amenities and services, and more – you can navigate the venue selection process with confidence and precision. Remember, the venue sets the stage for your event, shaping the experience for both hosts and attendees alike. 

Gray Dawes Events specialises in transforming corporate event visions into stunning realities, complementing your negotiation skills with our extensive industry experience.

Contact us, and let’s start planning an event that sets new standards for excellence and efficiency. Together, we’ll create an unforgettable experience that resonates with your guests and your budget. Because remember… experience is everything. Yours, ours and your attendees!

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