Just a glance up to the skies is enough to confirm that the vast majority of aeroplanes are parked firmly on the ground. Most airlines have grounded their fleets altogether making it difficult to travel by air to meetings and events. However, there are still a few flights operating, mainly domestically. Below we share the latest information on the route plans and schedules of those airlines still flying.

British Airways

Below we publish BA’s expected Heathrow long-haul programme from Routes on Line.  These cannot be verified as the Communications Department failed to respond to enquiries.  The European operation does not appear to be available. Customers of the airline have had the same problem.

  • Boston  1 daily  787-8
  • Chicago  1 daily  787-9
  • Delhi  1 daily  787-8 Resumes 1 May
  • Dubai 1 daily  787-9 Resumes 1 May
  • Hong Kong 1 daily 777-300ER Resumes 1 May
  • Johannesburg  1 daily 777-300ER Resumes 1 May
  • Lagos  1 daily  787-9 Resumes 1 May
  • Los Angeles  1 daily  787-9
  • Mumbai  1 daily  787-9 Resumes 1 May
  • New York JFK  1 daily   777-200ER Second daily resumes 1 May
  • São Paulo  1 daily 777-300ER Resumes 1 May
  • Singapore  1 daily  777-300ER Singapore – Sydney suspended
  • Tokyo Haneda 1 daily  787-9 Resumes 1 May
  • Toronto  1 daily  787-8 Resumes 16 May
  • Washington Dulles  1 daily  787-8

Virgin Atlantic

New York JFK is the sole flight today by Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow T3.

For the balance of this week the airline moves to cargo-only services.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson said: “Following the rapid acceleration of COVID-19 and extensive travel restrictions, coupled with a sharp drop in customer demand, Virgin Atlantic is continuing to review its flying programme each day and has made the decision to move most of its current scheduled services to cargo-only services from 20 April until 26 April.” 

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has provided Virgin Atlantic with special dispensation to carry cargo in the cabin as well as the cargo hold, so that the airline can carry even more essential goods, to ensure global supply chains keep running and transporting essential medical supplies into the UK at this time of crisis.

Virgin Atlantic will operate both scheduled passenger and cargo services from 27 April, and continue to work closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to help facilitate repatriation flights and bring UK nationals home”.

From 27 April, daily JFK passenger services will continue, and from 29 April, Hong Kong services will operate on alternate days.  Daily Los Angeles services will resume on 4 May.”

Virgin Atlantic cancelled their late March São Paulo inaugural and now say the route has been postponed indefinitely.

Eastern Airways

The mid-afternoon daily return service between Humberside and Aberdeen airports continues supporting essential energy sector workers.  Also being flown to provide personnel transportation for contracted customers is Aberdeen to Scatsta and Sumburgh.  Due to airport operations availability Newcastle movements are not possible now.

Eastern confirms an increasing number of enquiries as companies seek ways of securely and safely moving groups of personnel.  It is an area the airline has specialised in for many years.  The carrier has circa 420 staff and fleet of 12  Jetstream 41, 4 Saab 2000, 2 Embraer 135, 3  Embraer 145, 2 ATR72-600 and a single Embraer 170, with delivery of another of the smallest of the e-series delayed.

The airline has delayed the start of scheduled services between Teesside – London City and Southampton – Dublin among other routes.

Logan Air

Scotland’s airline Loganair continues to fly approximately 50% of its aircraft fleet across a combination of scheduled services, Royal Mail, services for other airlines and charter flights for the oil and gas industry.

In addition to the usual range of charter flights offered for the oil and gas industry, the airline is also operating services from Aberdeen to Riga and Gdansk for shipping agencies to assist with key worker transport for safety and supply vessels in the North Sea oil industry.   It also operates daily into Heathrow Terminal 5 as the BA Cityflyer Isle of Man to London City Airport service.

  • Aberdeen to Kirkwall = 1 daily flight
  • Aberdeen to Manchester  = 1 daily flight
  • Aberdeen to Norwich = 1 daily flight
  • Aberdeen to Sumburgh = 1 daily flight
  • Benbecula to Stornoway = 3 flights each way per week
  • City of Derry to London = 1 daily flight, now serving  Stansted
  • Glasgow to Benbecula = 1 daily flight
  • Glasgow to Campbeltown = 1 daily flight
  • Glasgow to Islay = 1 daily flight
  • Glasgow to Stornoway = 1 daily flight
  • Glasgow to Tiree = 1 daily flight
  • Isle of Man to Liverpool = 2 daily flights
  • Isle of Man to Manchester = 1 daily flight
  • Kirkwall to Orkney North Isles = full schedule of inter-island air services
  • Kirkwall to Sumburgh = 3 flights each way per week

CityJey (grounded)

The Dublin-based wet-lease airline CityJet has entered the Irish equivalent of Chapter 11 or what is known in the UK as a voluntary arrangement.

The airline and its subsidiaries, which fly routes on behalf of other airlines including SAS and Aer Lingus, employs 1,175 people and operates 33 aircraft.  CityJet from Dublin was one of the first airlines into London City Airport and flew that route for Aer Lingus until last month when the airport closed.  It was also an early operator of the Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional airliner.

CityJet had been working on a planned merger with Spanish regional carrier Air Nostrum.

First announced in the summer 2018, the carriers received EU approval for the tie-up last summer. Chief executive, the intrepid Pat Byrne, told the Irish Independent in March that the deal had been close to completion prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

Following the appointment by the Court of an “examiner”, or independent insolvency expert, the Irish Independent quotes Byrne as saying it was “prudent and responsible” for the board to have applied for examinership given the shutdown of airline operations due to the coronavirus.

”We firmly believe that the airline can sustain itself through this standstill period and will emerge as a stronger company at the end of this process and importantly will be well-positioned to grow its operations and sustain our capacity to continue to employ significant numbers of people,” Byrne said.

    Etihad (restart plans)

    Subject to UAE government-imposed travel restrictions being lifted on passenger travel, Etihad plans to operate a reduced network of scheduled passenger services from 1 May to 30 June, with the aim of gradually returning to a fuller schedule as and when the global situation improves.

    Etihad is also continuing to operate a growing schedule of special passenger flights allowing foreign nationals in the UAE the opportunity to travel out of the country, and to carry essential belly-hold cargo such as perishables, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

    Tony Douglas, Group CEO, Etihad Aviation, said: “We are implementing a series of network-wide route and fleet efficiencies, while conducting an extensive brand study and trialling new service concepts in our guest experience proposition. We are also using this time to drive further internal improvements in the efficient use of automation and technology across all areas of the business, while maintaining productivity, creativity and quality.”

    Currently, Etihad is using 22 Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 777-300ER passenger aircraft, with five more ready for service, to complement its operational fleet of five 777-200F freighters. These aircraft are providing scheduled and special passenger and belly-hold cargo services to several destinations worldwide.

    Since 25 March, approximately 500 special passenger, freighter and cargo flights have been operated.  Etihad Cargo is now operating up to 100 turnaround flights per week to 32 destinations on five continents.

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