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Episode 5 with Erin Davey-Barrow

The Experience is Everything podcast is your easy listening guide to all things events.

In this episode of the Experience is Everything podcast, we say hello to our (relatively) new Director of Events, Erin Davey-Barrow and find out lots more about her. We talk about Erin’s initial ambitions to become an athlete, then a physio and then studying agricultural science, before finding her vocation in event management.

Erin also takes us through some amazing experiences that she’s had throughout her career, including working on the London 2012 Olympics and setting up recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios! She also shares her insights of working client-side in her previous role, and how that experience brings a wealth of benefits to both the Gray Dawes Events team and our clients.

The Quickfire Questions were dispatched with panache (and diplomacy when it comes to the question of “Australia or the UK?”)

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