Reward & Recognition Programmes 

Reward and recognition programmes are a fantastic way to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts and achievements of your team. They can help raise morale, increase employee engagement and improve team culture.​

Here at Gray Dawes Events we have a wealth of experience in creating and delivering tailored reward and recognition programmes that are unique and drive real employee satisfaction. As part of our engagement with you, we’ll take the time to understand the purpose of the programme – whether to incentivise a sales team, recognise good teamwork ethics, celebrate a specific achievement or anything else – and then come up with creative ideas that will promote the best possible response. This could range from something as simple as a meal out together with a twist to a full programme of obtainable rewards based on levels of engagement.

Just some of the things we have arrange for our clients in the past include…

  • Gift and experience vouchers
  • Spa days with treatments
  • Country themed offsite trips with associated activities
  • Luxury afternoon tea for the team
  • Nandos or lunch vouchers
  • Beauty bar to the office with make up sessions and complimentary drinks
  • Cocktail bar and bar tender in the office for a Friday afternoon
  • Milkshake bar in the office
  • Breakfast from the boss
  • Dinner and an activity, such as Flight Club, driving experiences etc

This is just a small sample of the type of reward and recognition activities that we can arrange for you. You can see just how well reward and recognition programmes are received in our Case Studies.

If you’d like to find out more about how we could incentivise and reward your staff, get in touch.

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