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The latest trends to look out for in corporate event

Time to get your learn on!

The corporate event landscape is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging all the time.

As we head back into school season, here are some of the latest trends to be educating yourself on for the (academic!) year ahead…

1. In-person with a digital twist

In-person events have made a huge comeback. However, event planners are taking a more hybrid approach, incorporating digital elements into their events to make them more accessible and engaging. This could include live streaming, virtual networking, or interactive voting.

2. Experience-first events

We’ve been saying it for years – experience is everything! In today’s competitive world, attendees are looking for more than just a lecture or presentation. They want to have an immersive and memorable experience. This could involve using virtual reality, augmented reality, or other interactive technologies. Remember, any meeting or event is an opportunity for an experience – if you put in a little thought, you can make it one to remember forever.

3. Personalised events

A continuation of number two, event planners are using data and technology to create more and more personalized, tailored experiences for attendees. This could involve using geofencing to send targeted messages to attendees or using artificial intelligence to recommend content that is relevant to their interests. There’s lots of technology out there that can support your efforts. Planning ahead is key!

4.Sustainable events

Sustainability continues to be an increasingly important factor for businesses and event planners. Events is no different, with event sustainability a really important factor to consider. Areas where you can take control include using recycled materials, offsetting carbon emissions, and offering vegetarian or vegan options, but again there’s a whole raft of ways in which you can lower and reverse the carbon footprint of your meeting and events programme.

5. Technology-driven events

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in corporate events. Event planners are using technology to create more interactive, engaging, and memorable experiences for attendees. This could involve using event apps, chatbots, or virtual reality. All the other trends in this list can be massively supported with investment in technology – or by working with partners who utilise such tech already.

6. Inclusive events

Inclusivity should be seen as a standard part of event planning, not as an afterthought. Corporates and their event planners are becoming more aware of the need to create inclusive events that are accessible to everyone. This could involve providing closed captioning or offering ASL interpretation for keynote speakers, or creating accessible seating.

7. Data-driven events

Event planners are using data to make better decisions about their events. This could involve collecting data on attendee demographics, interests, and engagement levels. This data can then be used to improve the planning and execution of future events. Moreover having rich data profiles about your attendees can allow you to make much more tailored pre, during and post event communication to drive additional engagement and positive brand sentiment.

These are just a few of the latest trends in corporate events. The event industry is exciting and ever evolving, with innovation often a core part of not only remaining relevant but standing out and making a splash. We can expect to see even more new and innovative trends emerge in the years to come.


Cheat sheet (don’t tell the teacher!)

If you’re planning a corporate event, we’ve got a few quick tips and questions you can ask to start incorporating some of these trends:

  • Start by understanding your audience. What are their interests? What kind of experiences are they looking for (don’t be afraid to ask them!)?
  • Use technology. There is so much amazing event tech out there and it doesn’t all have to cost the earth. You could use event apps, live streaming, or virtual reality to create a more immersive experience.
  • Think sustainable. Consider the ways you can improve event sustainability and talk to your partners and suppliers.
  • Think inclusive. Make sure your events are accessible to everyone.
  • Data data data. Collect data on your attendees and use it to improve your events. This could involve tracking attendee demographics, interests, and engagement levels.

By incorporating these trends into your events, you can create experiences that are memorable, engaging, and effective.

And by working with an event partner like Gray Dawes Events you can have experts in your corner that know where to start with each of them.

Get in touch today to find out more and start your event term in the top set.

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