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Keeping ahead

The meetings and events industry is constantly evolving. Here at Gray Dawes Events, we keep a close eye on the trends that are shaping the industry and the world at large.

Here’s some that we feel will be  shaping the industry in the future:

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The rise of virtual and hybrid

Virtual and hybrid events have been on the rise in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. There are a number of reasons for this, including the increasing popularity of online collaboration tools, the rising cost of travel, and maintaining environmental governance… not to mention the huge lasting effect that the Covid pandemic had.

Virtual events offer a number of great advantages. They are often more affordable for those putting them on and often more convenient for those attending. They can also reach a wider audience, as attendees can participate from anywhere in the world.

However, virtual events also have some disadvantages. They can be less interactive than in-person events, and they can be more difficult to build relationships with other attendees.

Hybrid events bring the two worlds together with the option to attend face to face or online giving full flexiblity to attendees. Of course, they also require a well-structured approach to plan and need particular attention on ensuring a cohesive attendee experience regardless of the preferred form.

We’ve seen a real increase in hybrid events and think that this rise is likely to continue as businesses look to achieve the twin benefits that they offer. 

The Focus on Sustainability

There’s no getting round the fact that – as with any other part of business – meetings and events have a carbon impact. 

As a result, there’s a growing focus on sustainability in the meetings and events industry. The industry is thankfully becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Businesses are looking for ways to reduce and mitigate their environmental impact, and they are turning to technology to help them do so.

There are a number of ways that technology can be used to make meetings and events more sustainable. For example, businesses can use video conferencing to reduce the need for travel. They can also use green power and recycled materials at their events, and, by using technology to accurately assess any unavoidable carbon impact, can then offset where appropriate. 

By taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, businesses can help to protect the planet and make the meetings and events that they run more sustainable.

A good events management partner can also help you to understand the areas that you can help to reduce and control your carbon impact.

The use of technology

Aside from its use in helping sustainability, technology is playing an increasingly important role in the meetings and events industry. Businesses are using technology to improve the attendee experience, make events more efficient, and reduce costs.

There’s a huge number of ways that tech can be used to improve the attendee experience. For example, businesses can use mobile apps to provide attendees with information about the event, such as schedules, speaker bios, and maps. They can also use social media to connect with attendees and build excitement for the event.

Technology can also be used to make events more efficient. Event management software can be used to track registrations, really understand your attendees, manage payments, and send out reminders.

Of course, technology is also fundamental in running a hybrid of virtual event with a huge array of options now available to support events of any size.

Technology can also be used to reduce costs in a number of ways such as providing digital registration and pass management to reduce the need to print, mail and man registration on site.

By using technology, businesses can improve the attendee experience, make events more efficient, and reduce costs. This can help them to create more successful events.


And moving on from technology, everyones current favourite buzzword – AI!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing technology that has the potential to revolutionise the meetings and events industry. AI can be used to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and create a more personalised experience for attendees.

For example, AI could be used to:

  • Automate tasks such as registration, scheduling, and speaker management.
  • Improve efficiency by providing real-time data and insights that can help businesses make better decisions.
  • Create a more personalised experience for attendees by recommending content and speakers that are relevant to their interests.

As AI continues to develop, it is likely to have an even greater impact on the meetings and events industry. Businesses that embrace AI for their meetings and events will be well-positioned to succeed in the future.

So there you have it – just some of the trends that we feel are likely to continue to grow with the industry. It’s an exciting time to be part of meetings and events and we’re well positioned to ensure you make the very most out of your next one! 

Get in touch to find out how we can help you future proof your meetings and events strategy.


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