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Top 5 Money Saving Tips

When Booking Your Next Events


Here are five quick tips on how to save money

If you’re on a quest to organise a remarkable corporate event or a standout business conference, knowing the secrets to cost-effective planning is crucial. As experts in corporate event management, we are here to spill the beans on how to elevate your event, but all the while keeping a keen eye on the budget.

So, grab your notepad, and let’s dive into the world of savvy event planning!


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Let’s Talk Budget

Keep It Real

Opening up about your budget doesn’t have to leave you at a disadvantage. Being transparent about what you’re willing to spend on your venue is crucial for efficiency and clarity in your search. However, embrace a strategic approach by quoting a budget slightly lower than your actual maximum.

This technique isn’t about dishonesty but giving yourself some wiggle room in negotiations. Think of it as a strategic buffer that allows for unexpected costs without surpassing your real financial limit. This method ensures you’re honest about your financial boundaries while smartly navigating negotiations to unlock the best possible deals.

Date and Time Flexibility

Play Tetris

The timing and dates of your event may significantly influence the cost. Offering a range of possible dates enhances your negotiating powers. Picking dates with low demand works to your advantage.

We’ve observed that Thursdays and Fridays often present cost-effective options. And timewise, who says you need the whole day? Dodge the peak hours like a pro and see the savings rack up. Being flexible is your best friend for cost-cutting.

Compare Different Venues

Play The Field

Don’t hesitate to shop around for different venues. Researching and obtaining quotes from multiple venues is not just good due diligence,  but demonstrates a savvy negotiation tactic.

Even if you have your mind set on a particular venue, use those competitive quotes as leverage to get a better deal.

Early Bird or Last Minute Panic

Get The Bargain

Waiting until the last minute is a no-go if you want the best deal. Make it a priority to book your venue far in advance. Be the early bird who gets the worm – securing your venue with plenty of time to spare before your event maximises your bargaining power.

\So, plan ahead and watch those savings unfold!

Demonstrate the Value of the Event

Show Them The Money!

Venues aim to profit from events, so it’s crucial to demonstrate how profitable your event can be. Provide venues with solid numbers – for example, present a well-defined plan which includes guest headcount and specific requirements for rooms, catering and other services, positioning your event as a lucrative opportunity for them.

Drop a hint about possible future gigs, too – venues love the sound of recurring cha-ching! Remember, repeat business is key in negotiating a great deal on the venue.

As we wrap up these top tips for smart event booking, one thing is crystal clear – as the booker, you hold immense negotiation power. Your choices, from budgeting to timing, have the potential to shape the entire event narrative, bringing real value and cost-efficiency to the table.

Gray Dawes Events specialises in transforming corporate event visions into stunning realities, complementing your negotiation skills with our extensive industry experience.

Contact us, and let’s start planning an event that sets new standards for excellence and efficiency. Together, we’ll create an unforgettable experience that resonates with your guests and your budget. Because remember… experience is everything. Yours, ours and your attendees!

Get in touch today for support in saving money on your next event.

money saving tips

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