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Top Tips for
Group Incentives


Top Tips for Group Incentives 

Reward and recognition programmes and constantly being considered by organisations as when your employees feel valued and rewarded, everyone benefits. The creation of any reward strategy begins with understanding the goals, culture and demographics of your organisation.  

Incentive travel has come to the forefront in recent years as it allows organisations not only to reward outstanding performance but also to enhance team collaboration and drive positive behaviour towards achieving company goals and objectives. 

Understand what drives them 

Before planning any incentive trip you need to look closely at what drives the individuals likely to win a place on the programme. What motivates one, won’t necessarily motivate another. Focussing on the group demographic will help you to decide the best programme for you creating the most positive impact on team performance as a whole.  

To achieve the best results parameters of the programme should be carefully considered to ensure that every individual in the team has the ability to do well.  All employees need to feel they are in with a chance!  

Take a Sales team as an example. Though the number of sales is key to the success of a business, the execution and processing of these sales is just as important. Perhaps there’s also a qualification or training programme associated with performance. Take everything into account and come up with a set of targets to ensure performance stays consistent across all important areas.

The personal touch 

From the moment the qualifiers arrive they should feel like royalty. All communications should be personalised and if you can get Senior Executives to send a personal message to individuals it will go a long way.   

Selection and briefing of the hosts is also key, they should know as many of the attendees as possible.  For some, hosts making the effort to spend time with them on a personal level throughout the trip will be the most valued part of
the reward.  

Outstanding experiences 

Every incentive trip should include outstanding money can’t buy experiencesWhen planning these trips, think outside the box rather than just including off the shelf experiences. Challenge your agency to find you something that you didn’t know existed to be included in the programme.  

Always aim to surprise and delight – When people have been to the destination before the key is to dig deep into the destination and find the most unique thing in that city and try and get yourself private VIP access.  


Coming back to the first point of understanding what drives individuals, offering choice within the programme is key. One size doesn’t fit all, and your employees will appreciate you seeing them as individuals.  

This can easily be achieved by offering a series of optional activities as part of the programme. When doing so, choices should include something for everyone, a cultural experience, one for the adrenalin junkies, a relaxation experience and everything in between.   

The hardest thing is often narrowing the options down as there is so much to see and do in the top incentive destinations!  

Leisure time 

Having down time within any incentive programme is always very well received.  This gives winners the opportunity to put they own personal spin on the trip.   

Whether they choose to lie by the pool, shop for loved ones at home or simply take a moment to stroll the streets, having the time and space to step away from the group will only add to the overall success of the trip.  

The moment 

Having a crescendo moment where the contribution of the individuals are publicly recognised is always something we would recommend including.  

This will make the individual feel valued, respected by their peers and proud of what they have achieved.  In our experience this goes a long way to motivating them to be on the programme the following year! 

Steps for booking your next incentive travel through Gray Dawes Events….


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  2. The team will produce a proposal, giving you the chance to walk through it over a call.

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