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Transitioning Back to Normal Events 

Like many industries, event planning has been highly impacted by the pandemic.  Planners, including us, have spent months learning about new technical offerings in an effort to provide solutions such as virtual events to keep the industry going. We’d be lying if we said it had been easy, but it has given us time to look at how we do things, now that we can finally start to think about getting back to business as usual.


In the UK we’re well on our way with vaccines being rolled out and some countries are beginning to drop their mask mandates. What is really key for us and our clients is that we’re also seeing the events industry begin to host in-person events once again. Hurrah!

While things may not go back to normal overnight, we’re ready to start the transition. We’re looking at how this will work and what we can offer to help make our clients feel safe and build up the confidence to meeting in person again.

Here are our top 3 tips to think about when returning to in-person events…

Research your venue


This sounds obvious but think about your surroundings before you attend an event.  Most venues will have an online App or even in some cases a virtual map that will allow you to plan your way round before you arrive.

We’ve also seen that some hosted events are implementing safe space areas where an area is cordoned off and only a certain number of people are allowed in at any one time.  This is to reduce the amount of people lingering between exhibition stalls when checking phones and emails for example, and instead provide a safe place to linger to their heart’s content.

Go contactless


Even those who are comfortable attending events in-person probably want to avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces. Payments, check-ins, even food ordering are now often offered contactless and utilizing this touchless technology will help you minimize the risk of spreading germs. Carry a pocket-sized handy sanitizer with you for anywhere that might not!

Don’t be afraid to speak up


There’s now a much more widespread understanding that we need to look after our mental health as well as our physical health. Talking about our mental state and wellbeing is perfectly normal and acceptable. For some even the thought of attending an event in person is progress.  If you’re at an exhibition and feel that someone is within your personal space, take a step back, explain you’re anxious and the space between you helpsyou feel more comfortable.

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s how to care for one another, be understanding of those around us and to do what makes us feel comfortable.

These are just three quick tips to consider as you start to plan your return to events and exhibitions. Make sure you follow us on social media for many more and get in touch if you’d like any support for your next event.

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