A Quick Guide to
Group Travel

When booking flights for large groups, juggling passengers, seats, luggage and check-in, things can quickly become a headache! Utilising a group travel expert like Gray Dawes can relieve the stress and make life a whole lot easier.

What Is Group Travel?

By and large, Group Travel is defined by 10 or more individuals travelling to the same destination – but not necessarily from the same location or on the same date.

For these more complex enquiries (those with multiple departure locations or travel dates) we’ll utilise our group buying power and unique industry positioning to provide the lowest possible individual fares and manage all bookings for you on an individual basis. For those with simpler requirements, we’ll be able to take this one step further and consider Group Airfares…

What Are Group Airfares?

When 10 or more* are travelling to and from the same destination on the same flight – e.g. 15 travellers flying from Edinburgh to Barcelona on 5 December at 09:05, and returning on 7 December at 17:30 – Group Airfares can come into play.

This type of airfare offers specially contracted rates for groups that give a guaranteed fare.  They come with their own unique rules, usually making them far more flexible than a standard ticket – e.g. they can be held for a longer period of time.

*Note: group numbers vary on low cost airlines, and can be as high as 30 in some cases.

Why Book Group Airfares?

There are some great advantages to booking a group airfare:

  • All fares are priced the same, meaning guests won’t pay different amounts.
  • They usually include a longer hold on seats without the need to provide passenger details, giving you extra time to confirm who will be travelling without having to pay cancellation or change fees (fees do apply after tickets have been issued). Better still, if you do need to make any last minute changes or cancellations, the fees tend to be much cheaper than a regular ticket.
  • They can often be booked with just a deposit, so there’s no need to find a large amount upfront while you’re still finalising your plans.
  • And finally, it’s usually possible to include seat selection and dedicated check-in for your group, to make co-ordinating your passengers easier – you can sit certain guests together – great if you want to network with a specific passenger!

Why Use Gray Dawes?

Gray Dawes can source the most cost effective rate for your group travel needs by working directly with the airlines and likewise with hotels on your behalf.  We cut through the jargon to provide clear, “plain English” rules and deadlines, then liaise with the airline to input all the data required at the right times, streamlining the booking process for you – it can be as simple as gathering a rooming list!

Our experience in negotiating group hotel rates means you’re guaranteed the best price based upon your requirements.  And again, we don’t require guest names immediately:  these can be submitted up to 7 days prior to arrival. Cancellation policies can also be negotiated to ensure you’re not restricted by tight contractual deadlines.

Gray Dawes Group travel bonds and licences with ABTA, IATA, ATOL

Where Do I Start?

To start the ball rolling with a group flight booking, just get in touch today with the following information:

  • Your arrival and departure dates
  • Your route
  • Estimated number of passengers
  • Whether you need checked in baggage included
  • If you need airport transfers
  • If you need hotel accommodation at your destination

Gray Dawes Events will acknowledge your email, start the search and aim to have some proposals to you within 2 business days. Then you choose whether or not to book with us. It really is that simple.

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