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There are so many things to consider when planning an event – working with an event partner like Gray Dawes Group will not only support you in creating truly engaging content, but also remove the pressure of managing the logistical details, and ensure your next event is the success it should be.

Buying power

Working with an agency gives you much greater buying power – the agent can use their negotiation skills as they will be bringing the supplier a much greater quantity of business through their various clients.


Time can be saved in delegating your event management to Gray Dawes, ensuring relevant options are presented, and costs are saved. We will work through every stage of the event management process for you, taking this all off your hands.


We are experts in our field, and have all the knowledge, previous experience, portfolio and supplier contacts at our fingertips. This means we have all the resources needed to plan your event for you and start planning each event from a very strong and capable position.


We negotiate not only the rate, but also flexible cancellation terms, complimentary upgrades, and added value that can really make all the difference at an event. We know all the little details that can elevate and transform events from “a good time” to “incredible, unforgettable experiences”.

We hope we can help you with your upcoming events very soon!