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An engaging expo for EMIS

An expo like no other for EMIS


EMIS wanted to bring together people from across their business in the UK and Ireland to discuss and understand all aspects of the business. They wanted everyone to be clear on how they all work together to succeed in the overall EMIS targets. EMIS also wanted everyone who attended to understand what different aspects of the business did on a day to day basis.  The final main aim of the EXPO was to have a social element to the 2 days so that everyone attending to create new networks within EMIS


Initially we sourced 3 different venue options to present to the client. From these options site visits we done and Pavilions of Harrogate was selected. Once the venue was selected we started to work on the outline schedule for the 2 days and the different aspects that would be involved. The client wanted to have half of the venue for an expo style event and the other half used for presentations on different aspects of the business. During the planning process we did several site visits with the team from EMIS to nail down the locations of each presentation and the layout for the expo.

We were also responsible for sourcing and negoatiating on a few hotel rooms that would be used for attendees staying over the course of the 2 days. We were able to secure a large number of rooms at 3 different hotels around Harrogate allowing the client to utilise these. We managed all aspects of the hotel and travel requirements but setting up and running a registration site. This allowed us to capture lots of data and requests from all attendees including travel requirements.

From this data we were able to individually contact each attendee and book their travel and accommodation requirements whilst continuing to liaise with the hotels. We were also able to arrange coach transfers from 2 EMIS office locations to take people to the expo and reduce the carbon footprint of the event.


The event was a huge success with all who attended and the feedback certainly points to how much people enjoyed their time there. We had positive onsite feedback from the CEO of EMIS on how well the 2 days ran and how everything worked without issue.

We looked forward to working with EMIS again on a future event.

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EMIS’s integrated technology supports healthcare teams to drive improvements and enable better patient outcomes.

I learnt so much about different parts of the business. It was a great event.

Delegate | EMIS Expo

LOCATION: Pavilions of Harrogate

DELEGATES: 1200 people

DURATION: 2 days

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